We Help Other Professionals


For over 20 years, members of the print, radio, and television media have used College Money as an expert resource for ideas and solutions.  Whether it is a response to a reader or viewer's question, or a piece on a facet of college planning, we are very responsive to queries from the news media.  We recognize the need to be sensitive to deadlines and do everything possible to work with the news contact.

Professional Organizations

We are uniquely situated to work with financial advisors in a couple of ways.  First, we can offer consulting services for the advisor with a client in need of college planning.  As the consultant to the advisor, there is no need for concern about interference with the client relationship.

Secondly, we frequently appear as a featured speaker at professional association meetings.  Our appearances include estate planning council meetings, accountant and CPA association meetings, and bar association meetings.

Additionally, we have appeared as an expert witness in a divorce hearing to establish real and reasonable college costs.

College Saving Plan Product Sponsors

Our value to college savings plan product sponsors lies in the fact that we have been able to build a financial planning practice around planning for college, something that not many financial advisors have done successfully. As a speaker for product wholesalers, we are proof that the small college sale can reap exponential rewards for the advisor willing to take the time to work with parents.

As a partner with college plan product sponsors we have prepared written materials for them, we have traveled with wholesalers on speaking tours to financial advisors and we have participated in web seminars. 

College plan product sponsors recognize that financial advisors need to pay attention to college planning or risk losing clients.